Welcome to Deluxe FM, the station that'll make your day even better!


Even though we broadcast from Hungary, our sweepers, IDs and music menus are in Hungarian, you'll enjoy the wide range of songs we provide in a carefully set up order, to make your day even better. You may say that our website isn't that attractive, but since Deluxe FM is - literally - a one man show, this is what we can afford.

The focus is on music: with more than two decades of experience in AC/Top 40 radio, our founder and musical director carefully selects all songs one by one. He's also producing the IDs, sweepers, music menus, and even our Instagram account.


Because he believes in the power of music, and the radio format. No AI will be ever able to produce what the human brain can, becasue AI will never have values such love, devotion and SOUL.

Should we add soulful house to our playlist?