Welcome to Deluxe FM!

Deluxe FM started broadcasting on 16th March 2016, after months of preparation. Based in Budapest Hungary, Deluxe FM's goal is to make a great radio for those who prefer quality over quantity. We truly believe that there's another way of enjoying the "radio listening experience", than spinning only those few dozens of "hits", and get bored soon.

Anyway, while we continously develop this site, the most important feature is working: the radio itself. More features will be added soon to the website, untll then, just listen, like, comment and let others know about us!

First, how about visiting our Facebook page, or starting a chat with us from here? (You must be logged in to Facebook to use chat.) It would definitely make our day better. 

Then, check our 'Schedule' menu for special shows, read more about how to listen to the radio, and feel free to contact us!

Enjoy listening!


Should we add soulful house to our playlist?