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There are several ways you can listen to Deluxe FM's stream, but the more devices/webpages/plugins/modules you insert between the stream and your device, the less stable it will be. Yes, you can listen to us here, on the website, you can find us on Tune In, on Facebook, but the most reliable method is to copy/paste our stream URL into your local media player, and hit 'Play'. The stream is rock solid, is up 24/7, while websites, other solutions may be down at any time.

This is our main, HQ 192 kbps mp3 (used on this site, and on TuneIn too) link if you're on broadband net, so in this case, copy/paste the following into your player: http://musorcsere.hu:8390/deluxefm

If you have a slower internet connection, use this 48kbps AAC stream: http://musorcsere.hu:8395/deluxefm
(Studies show that AAC sounds better at lower bitrates, so you can choose the latter one, if you're unsure.)

Even better is to download this simple .m3u file to your desktop, and whenever you want to listen to Deluxe FM, you just have to double click on it (MAC users, right click, and choose "Download Linked File Asd..."):


Other options:
In VLC Media Player, go to Media --> Open Network Stream.
In Windows Media Player, got to File --> Open URL (or CTRL+U)
In iTunes, go  to File --> Open Stream (or Ctrl/CMD+U)

We highly recommend using the *FREE* VLC Media Player, this is the best piece on the market. VLC for mobile is also available for iOS, and tested & proven stable.)

Have further questions? Drop us a mail!